Ars Magica's Continued Adventures

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After a hiatus, we picked up Mike’s campaign after graduating from University.

Having used a Spelljammer ship to return to Faerûn, Ars Magica discovered that a strange magical barrier had envelopped Waterdeep which prevented exit and entry. After deliberation, the company decided to venture on to Lor-thai and Serrin’s keep. At this juncture, Taurus parted ways with the company.

En route to the keep, the party met adversaries and allies alike. Most significantly, they welcomed into the fold Salaam Marjhan, a wandering monk and mystic seer who would become one of Ars Magica’s most valued members.

Discovering that the keep had been overrun by demonic forces once more, Ars Magica strove to liberate it. During their struggle with their enemy, the party found a portal hidden beneath the keep. Though Serrin stayed behind, the others ventured through and found themselves stranded in the Underdark. After several harrowing adventurers, the party found their way back to the surface.

The Great Nothing Unleashed

Lor-thai possessed a magic map, a gift from the powerful mage Elminster. The party returned to the Underdark as they tried to follow the map to completion. Transported to the far side of Faerûn, the adventurers penetrated a magical “prison” of ancient and dangerous artefacts. Lor-thai unwittingly freed “The Great Nothing”, a destructive force of anti-matter which cut a swathe of distruction accross Faerûn. (Powerful magics bound Elminster in a prison beneath Waterdeep; the sage hoped that The Great Nothing could destroy the barrier around the city and free its inhabitants. He sent Lor-thai on a quest to release the force, confident that the wild mage posessed sufficient power to control it.)

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Ars Magica's Continued Adventures

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