Mont Breezar, Thaddeus

Missing Sage


Suspecting sinister forces at work in Mordentshire, Dominic Goodfellow, a former priest of Tymora, sought the assistance of his former faith. In response, the Tymoran church in Neverwinter sent a group of adventurers to investigate. Thaddeus Mont Breezar was one of these Vassals of Tymora.

Just outside of Mordentshire, the group met nefarious ends, and the fallen members of Ars Magica were revived in their bodies. Local gaurds on patrol found the party bloodied, confused, and wracked with a strange delerium.

The townsfolk incorrectly identified Lor-thai the Wanderer as Mont Breezar, and assumed that he was still sick with madness when he protested otherwise.

The party knows little about Mont Breezar aside from the fact he was an accomplished wizard, and that he was accompanied by a scribe named Mysti Tokana. He also had a familiar. He had an impressive tome of spells and numerous magic items.

Mont Breezar, Thaddeus

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