Crosse, Sir Samuel


Sir Samuel Crosse, co-founder of The Lamplighters, is the elite force’s highest ranking investigator next to Owen Finhallen.

Soonafter becoming Sheriff of Mordentshire, Finhallen formed The Lamplighters with the assistance of Sir Samuel, who had been a longstanding member of the local watch. The two realized that while Mordentshire’s criminal activity was relatively minimal compared to other cities its size, a sizable percentage of crime still went unresolved. This was due to the relative inexperience or lack of professional training on the part of the city’s watchmen, which had been reduced to a volunteer force following the decimation of the town militia in the The Year of the Storm.

Sir Samuel suggested that they employ the most talented volunteers as full-time investigators, where he would personally train the best of them in more advanced investigative techniques and other tricks of the trade he had learned during his years patrolling Mordentshire’s streets.

Since then, the Lamplighters have grown from a small force of full-time watchmen to an elite and respected order of investigators whose talents are called upon by towns large and small across Mordent. As Finhallen’s duties often occupy him in other respects, Sir Samuel has become the de facto leader of the Lamplighters and keeps a close eye even on those agents who are posted in distant locales. Many of the Lamplighters weild a rapier and a pair of pistols in emulation of Sir Samuel.

Sir Samuel is a skilled combatant, having learned and improved upon martial techniques passed down from his grandfather, Crosse, Rowan. Incidentally, Jaret provided Rowan combat training as part of his efforts to help rebuild the town’s militia following the Great Storm.

Crosse, Sir Samuel

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