Welcome to the Mere Dead Men (Ravenloft) campaign site!

The Mere Dead Men Forum is an excellent place for us to play Ravenloft online and to discuss things specific to this campaign.

For a condensed recap of campaign events, visit the Adventure Log. This is a good place to record things that we should discuss in the campaign forum, add to the wiki, or discuss in the general A.A.A.S forum.

The Wiki compiles detailed information on the campaign setting.

Character-specific information can be found by clicking the Characters tab. Players should keep current copies of their character sheets here. This is also a suitable place to find and record information about the campaign’s important NPCs.

Notes on heirlooms, artifacts and magic items can be found in the Items section.

The Maps section includes important campaign documents.

If you’d like to access another campaign, click the drop down “Campaigns” menu at the top of the page. Using the same process, you can also access the "Ancaster Area Adventure Society, our forum for discussing more generalized roleplaying matters.

Mere Dead Men

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