Finhallen, Owen

Sheriff of Mordentshire


Owen Finhallen is the leader (and co-founder) of The Lamplighters, an elite force of watchmen and investigators that patrol Mordent and its surrounding lands. He is also the current Sheriff of Mordentshire, a position considered of equal standing to the local mayor and magistrate in matters pertaining to their spheres of influence.

Owen is the great grandson of Tabb Finhallen, a local adventurer who had been a close aly of Ars Magica in the Year of the Storm. He is the grandson of Gwydion Finhallen.

Owen’s brother, Albert Finhallen, runs The Magnificent Bastard Inn with the assistance of his wife, Lorraine. The couple have two children, Tad and Tabitha.

Owen’s initial friendly demeanor became standoffish after Nicodemus ventured into the House on Gryphon Hill. Nicodemus revived Owen’s ancestor, Tabb, who seemed to retain his good natured disposition and intelligence despite having become a monstrous undead creature. Togther, the two managed to escape from Gryphon Hill.

Tabb returned to his old place of residence, The Magnificent Bastard Inn, using an old secret entry to gain access to the wine cellar. He surprised and nearly killed young Tabitha before fleeing the scene. Nicodemus admitted his involvement in Tabb’s return to Owen, which vexed the Sheriff considerably.

Since saving Tabitha from Red Jack, Nicodemus and Ars Magica seem to have restored the Sheriff’s confidence and respect.

Characters and descriptions based on material derived form Sword & Sorcery’s Ravenloft Gazetteer Volume III and Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill (TSR).

Finhallen, Owen

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