Crosse, Rowan


Many Mordentshire residents died the Year of the Storm. Dark forces engineered an assault on the townsfolk; a devastating huricane claimed even more lives; and in the wake of these horrors, a lycanthrope skulked amongst the survivors.

Rowan Crosse was one of the townsfolk who survived. He was conscripted by Justinian Brand, Jaret Brackenburg and Gwydion Finhallen as part of their efforts to rebuild the town’s destroyed militia.

Jaret was responsible for training the ragtag group of survivors. Though most weren’t natural combatants, Jaret remembered the young noble as a smart and adept fighter who took naturally to direction.

As of The Year of the Awakening, one of Rowan’s direct descendants has become a key figure in Mordent. Sir Samuel Crosse is the co-founder (and de facto leader) of an elite band of investigators called The Lamplighters. Sir Samuel, a skilled combatant, is versed in martial techniques passed down from his grandfather.

Crosse, Rowan

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